Yves "Deville" Ditsch

Musician biography

Musician Biography:

I found my passion in drums from the tender age of 7. It was a passion that would later define my career; a thrill that continues to resonate with me to date.

My journey began at the Conservatoire de Musique de Luxembourg where I studied drums and percussions for 15 years until I successfully graduated in 2013. My career then kicked off with an offer to join the American blues trio, ‘Sayre Brothers Blues Band’. I worked with them for almost a decade. At the same time, I was involved in forming other blues and rock bands as well as trying my hand in genres such as country and New Orleans jazz.

My career has seen me work with various great bands such as Ten Strike, Dave White & The Bad Luck Cats, Little John & The Cadillacs, The Boogie Workers and The Greasemonkeys.

In 2007, I became the official drummer for Irish blues-man Carl Wyatt and his band ‘The Delta Voodoo Kings’. With this band, I play regular international tours, recorded 3 albums, 1 live DVD and appeared on television shows such as France 3 (France), Riv 54 (France), Mirabelle (France), RTE1 (Ireland).
To celebrate the ten year anniversary of “Live at the Entr’pot” we’ll be recording our new live CD on May 12th 2018 at the Entr’pot. This CD will be released in a package including the original concert from 2008 on DVD and the new 2018 version on CD.

Aside from working with my own bands, I have had the pleasure to jam with great blues acts such as Tino Gonzales, Sugar Ray, Fred Chapelier and Tom Principato.

Another exciting venture was ‘Porn Queen’, a band I formed with former band mates Lucas Ferraz, Fred Baretto and Dan Fastro. Soon enough, we became a force to reckon with, playing in big European Rock Festivals including ‘Sonisphere France’, ‘Rock  A Field Luxembourg’ and at the Zenith in Paris, one of several sold out concerts as the support act for ‘Slash’. 2012 was one of the biggest years for the band. We had the chance to tour Europe for 16 concerts in 12 countries supporting Richie Kotzen‘s ‘24 hours‘ tour, as well as tour South America, playing a few sold out shows in Brazil as support for Slash. Other highlights for the band came with Porn Queen opening up for Deep Purple at Rockhal Luxembourg and the feature in 4 issues of the German, ‘Recording Magazine’ in 2012 and 2013 when we recorded our ballad ‘Our Story‘ which was then mixed by producer Ulli Pallemanns.
On May 12th 2017 we released our most recent EP named “Fire” since we went through a line up change and our sound changed along with it we decided to make a fresh start and changed the band name to ‘Dead Sinners

My works continued to impress as my portfolio grew. As a result, I was selected drummer of choice for some American musicians touring Europe. In September 2011, May 2012 and October 2016, I toured with Hollywood actor and blues musician Jake La Botz. In 2016 I played my first couple of shows with the legendary James Intveld who is known for his work as John Fogerty’s guitar player and also as the composer and singing voice of the songs performed by Johnny Depp in the movie ‘Cry Baby‘. In 2018 I joined James again to play a full 3 week tour going from Finland, Sweden, Denmark to Germany and Holland to finish up at Sjock Festival in Belgium. I’m also feeling very lucky to occasionally play with the great Jim Kahr who was the guitar player for Blues legends such as John Lee Hooker, Junior Wells, Koko Taylor to name just a few.

Yet another big break came at the end of 2011 when I received an invite from Archie Lee Hooker, nephew of blues legend John Lee Hooker to become the drummer for his new project which was subsequently named after John’s old band the ‘Coast to Coast Blues Band‘, we released our first live DVD in 2014. The band signed on with Dixifrog records, and released ‘Chilling’ in April of 2018, a record I co-wrote, drummed on, recorded and produced. With the band, we will be actively touring and promoting Chilling for the rest of 2018 and 2019.