Yves "Deville" Ditsch

Sound engineering biography

Sound engineering:

It is an avid interest in music and sound which led to my pursuit of a Diploma in Sound Engineering in Cologne Germany, successfully graduating in 2003. Later that year, I launched ‘Studio D’, a recording and mixing facility in Luxembourg in which I employed the latest digital and classic analog equipment to create a hybrid of distinct sound for each song.

Most notable in my career as a sound engineer was working with German Producer, Ulli Pallemanns. Not only was that a gate pass to working for big companies such as Volkswagen in Geneva, Berlin and Beijing and toured Europe as a sound assistant for electro band, Yello, it was also an opportunity to grow and be exposed.

My studio portfolio of recordings include acts such as Albert Lee, Archie Lee Hooker, Carl Wyatt, Porn Queen and Dead Sinners. Some highlights of the acts I have mixed live are Benny Greb, Jojo Mayer, Phil Campbell, Billy Cobham, Virgil Donati.

After about 15 years in this industry, I am now working solely as a freelance sound engineer in studios around Europe, while also recording live shows under the ‘Studio D’ brand.

Albert Lee

Gerry Hogan

Yello – Dieter Meier & Boris Blank