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Chilling out now

I’m very excited about the release of “Chilling” by Archie Lee Hooker & The Coast to Coast Blues Band.
It was in 2015 when we first started thinking about recording a full length CD. The idea was to rent a cosy studio or cottage and move in for a couple of days to compose and record original songs. The whole band agreed that the CD should sound both vintage but still modern enough to be appreciated by younger blues fans.
In August of 2016 we locked ourselves into GAM studio for a whole week, where we composed, arranged and recorded seventeen original tracks.
The CD was produced, recorded and mixed by myself, which gave me the opportunity to project my vision of how the band should sound, into the songs.
The whole album was recorded live, meaning all the musicians performed at the same time, only the Vocals and some guitar solos where added later, that’s why Chilling sounds so authentic!
Reading all the great reviews and comments in both professional press and private blogs reinforces our feelings that we have moved in the right direction both musically and sound wise.

You can order “Chilling” now on CD, Double Vinyl or as a digital download.