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We got a 5 star rating in “Rolling Stone Magazine” for our new album “Chilling”

In 2016 I locked myself away in a nice studio in Belgium along with my friends Archie Lee Hooker, Fred Barreto, Nicolas Fageot and Matt Santos. We had a very simple plan: book a studio which has accommodation on site, set up our equipment and start jamming on ideas. One week later when we left the studio we had written, arranged and recorded 17 new songs.
The challenge for me was to capture the whole band in a natural and authentic way. We decided on recording all the instruments together (live in the studio). Only the Vocals, some solos and the special guests were overdubbed. Since we are all fans of the so called “vintage sound” we tried to use as many vintage instruments as we could get our hands on.
I set up a Pro Tools rig beside my drums so I could record and play at the same time. I mixed the whole album in my Studio during 2017, using as little processing as possible to keep the sound authentic and honest.
So far “Chilling” has been doing very well with great reviews in many Blues magazines, such as Blues News Germany, Blues Magazine France, Soulbag France, Blues & Co. France and many more.

For me it was a very emotional moment when I opened up “Rolling Stone Magazine” and saw that we got the maximum rating of 5 stars. This was the moment I realised that all these hours, recording, mixing and doing band related business work were absolutely worth it!

I hope you all enjoy “Chilling” as much as we do.
See you sometime, somewhere on the road, and make sure to come and say hello! I’m always happy to meet new and familiar faces.


Archie Lee Hooker in Rolling Stone Magazine

Archie Lee Hooker in Rolling Stone Magazine

Archie Lee Hooker in Rolling Stone Magazine